Pokemon Showdown Road to Top Ten: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon UU w/ PokeaimMD #10

  • Xuất bản 4 thg 12, 2018
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    .● The Pokemon Showdown Road to Top Ten: Ultra Sun & Moon UU! A Competitive Pokemon Showdown Laddering series featuring PokeaimMD! In this series Joey will try to climb the Ultra Sun & Moon UU ladder on Pokemon Showdown, attempting to reach Top 10! Hope you all enjoy! :] Amazing Bewear Art by:


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  • Matías Montane
    Matías Montane 1 tuần trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    Don't let this video distract you from the FACT () that scarf Weavile is "unecessary" when running Z-Scarf Victini

  • Frozen X-Blade
    Frozen X-Blade 1 tuần trước

    But why choice scarf weavile?

  • Get2DaChopper
    Get2DaChopper 1 tuần trước

    this series is just joey vs his own teams LOL

  • Gustavo Rodríguez
    Gustavo Rodríguez 1 tuần trước

    Joey hasn't used Adamant Life Orb Mamoswine enough times in this Road To Top 10 . I will show how unhappy I am by leaving a like.

  • Brainfly
    Brainfly 1 tuần trước

    Man, the guy who said he couldn't beat Umbreon should learn a fundamental rule about Pokémon: If you can't outskill your opponent, simply outhax them.

  • Tippitytop_verstappen
    Tippitytop_verstappen 1 tuần trước

    The russian version of "who wants to be a millionaire" had to scrap the ask the audience lifeline because audience members would intentionally give the wrong answer

  • John Junior
    John Junior 1 tuần trước

    Been binging your content recently, really got me into lives here recently and helped me to understand the game more than what I already did, and watching you has really helped me look into the late game more, which is something I struggled with before...thanks fren :]

  • nycotic
    nycotic 1 tuần trước

    I find it amazing that you still manage to create daily quality content delivered with one of the most genuinely positive attitudes Ive ever seen. I havent been playing mons actively for a while now, except for the occasional ranbat to relax, but I still enjoy coming back to your videos every day. Stay awesome Joey!

  • Godless Mistake
    Godless Mistake 1 tuần trước

    Tell me why I'm enjoying UU road to top ten more then OU

  • Gustavo Rodríguez
    Gustavo Rodríguez 1 tuần trước

    6:01 Blunder, CTC and CBB were recording Heatah Fajitah in the background. That's why the alarm was sounding Joey.

  • DanCasto
    DanCasto 1 tuần trước

    But why are you using scarf z bewear?

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 1 tuần trước

    Joey, u think u can try out CAP again. The starters just came out and that water starter is heat

  • Adrián García
    Adrián García 1 tuần trước

    that rough focus punch almost got my house on fire damn

  • Derick Qwilfish
    Derick Qwilfish 1 tuần trước

    this is the first time I've ever noticed Hippo's little tail :]

  • Matt Vitez
    Matt Vitez 1 tuần trước

    Wow guess Joey quit OU

  • mittens the house cat
    mittens the house cat 1 tuần trước

    Hey joey when you going to start using light ball focus punch sub volt switch tackle pikachu on a Monday? We as fans wouldn’t even care if you did it on a Tuesday but man don’t even think about trying this on a Wednesday! Anyway could you give me back the lawn mower I let you borrow last year fren? Haha just joshing ya! I know your living in an apartment with the wifey! Anyway I won’t keep ya from your duties my lord! Haha! Also tell Moet he needs to finally put down Blunder in a 1v1 best of until Moet wins mini tournament for the charity of blunder needs a home after Moet ruins his life after the battle! Haha all in good fun! Anyway be good and pray to Arceus or not whatever floats your Wailmer!

  • Denis The Menace
    Denis The Menace 1 tuần trước

    Yoo that’s my favorite gen7 mon right there in the thumbnail :D Happy you uploaded a live using it

  • MrMrannoying
    MrMrannoying 1 tuần trước

    Stall really made joey quit OU

  • DiseasedMoss
    DiseasedMoss 1 tuần trước

    5:50 When your team is so fire that it sets off alarms

  • AdmiralBobbery123
    AdmiralBobbery123 1 tuần trước

    you gotta make every new R2TT UU team counter-team the one you used on the previous episode cuz of how much ppl are using your teams on the ladder next level strats