Ash's Alola Team Final Members Prediction | Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion/Theory

  • Xuất bản 2 thg 12, 2018
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    Ash's Alola Team Final Members Prediction | Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion/Theory. In today's video, I will be discussing who I believe are likely candidates to be the final members of Ash's Alola Team! Varying from Poipole returning to Kommo-o! If you enjoy this video, then be sure to consider leaving a like and a subscribe for future Pokemon content! It helps out a ton! What's going on guys, I'm Entity Mays, but you can call me Ben! I am a Pokemon Anime Youtuber who makes all sorts of content such as; Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime News, Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Discussions, Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Reviews, Pokemon Top 10s, Pokemon Trivia & much more, such as Nintendo Streams! Subscribe ►►

  • Entity Mays
    Entity Mays 1 tuần trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    Reminder: I said I don't know which of these Ash could get as they all seem likely to me, but, you can guys can let me know right here in the comment section who you think are the most likely final candidates for Ash's Alola Team. I'd love to hear c: Subscribe ►► https://www.youtube.com/c/entitymays Merch Store ►► https://teespring.com/stores/entity-mays-merch

  • Just Your Average Weeb Who Can Accept Opinions
    Just Your Average Weeb Who Can Accept Opinions 1 tuần trước

    If he, for some reason, doesn’t get a full team then I’d like to see some of his old Pokémon return such as sceptile and infernape since it’s been awhile. I don’t want greninja since he was just in the last series even though I love that mon.

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 1 tuần trước

    Plot twist Ash brings only 4 Pokemon to the league. He becomes the next Cameron.

  • Jason Bornot
    Jason Bornot 1 tuần trước

    Ash should've caught the eevee

  • BoyFromBelgium18
    BoyFromBelgium18 1 tuần trước

    I think he will catch a Jangmo-o/ Hakamo-o and a Wimpod but I also hope that he brings Gible or Scraggy back!

  • TrueCat2012
    TrueCat2012 1 tuần trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    Kommo-o and Poipole please plus i would not mind Oshawott, so he can finally EVOLVE

  • Mister Moon
    Mister Moon 1 tuần trước

    Fun fact: Jangmo-o was the first Pokémon designed for Gen VII.

  • Sriram Mannar
    Sriram Mannar 1 tuần trước

    He'll catch a Pokemon during the Poni Island Trial. And I think that Pokemon will be the main focus for that trial as lycanroc was for the Ula Ula island trial. I think he'll bring Charizard back for his 6th seeming that they are advertising him a lot.

  • AshFlame
    AshFlame 1 tuần trước

    R.I.P Ash's Eevee T_T

  • centerofstar
    centerofstar 1 tuần trước

    Honestly, I can tolerate Rowlet not evolving and I can tolerate Ash losing in the Alola league. But not letting Ash have this Eevee and going to Lana is the final straw I have with SM series. For now on, I only watch relevant episode that is related to the overall plot. Gosh this episode makes me really mad.

  • Jason Bornot
    Jason Bornot 1 tuần trước

    At this point i dont think he will catch another pokemon he will just bring back past pokemon for the league

  • mahairman
    mahairman 1 tuần trước

    Honestly I find it really hard myself to care about the last 2 members of Ash's team. The only thing SM can do at this point is bring back old team members which would be absolutely epic as it was one of the things that made the Sinnoh league great. Still, that would leave Ash's Alola team unfinished which would be a first and not a good one. I still don't like what the anime is doing for him. I'm cool with Lana getting the Eevee. She's a great character and her episodes are always a joy to watch. I'm expecting the latest one to be great as well.

  • Vee PikaVee Trainer James Buchanan Buchanan
    Vee PikaVee Trainer James Buchanan Buchanan 1 tuần trước

    Well since eevee's out of the question I can really see Ethier Poipole returns alongside Wimpod or Ash brings back old Pokemon like Charizard,Kingler,Oshawott,Noivern,Talonflame or Kroodile since Ash's Corphish and Totodile appeared in the anime instead of Kingler so there's that fun fact according to a rumour Ash's Kroodile was meant to make a appearance in the kalos league as Ash thought about bringing old pokemon back in the goodra flashback but he decided on Goodra and who knows maybe one of Ash's old Pokemon could evolve much like Quilava did during Sinnoh which I think could be Buizel.

  • Patch The Wolf
    Patch The Wolf 1 tuần trước

    I just hope he brings back some old mons Hopefully

  • Riley Fischer
    Riley Fischer 1 tuần trước

    I hope he catches a Jangmo-o a Pikipek and a Wimpod

  • Gandor X
    Gandor X 1 tuần trước

    I really hope Ash gets a Kommo-o one day it's pretty cool and strong especially since it had its own signature z move although I've wished for Ash to get a Psychic, Steel, Ghost or Fairy type Pokemon but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon in Alola.

  • cd games
    cd games 1 tuần trước

    What if the league is only four Pokémon and they are making the team of everyone else? This would mean that Ash has a complete team since a long time ago.

  • Sumedh Dongre
    Sumedh Dongre 1 tuần trước

    Do writers want to end anime terribly or is there going to be something very hyped

  • Arash Gholiyan
    Arash Gholiyan 1 tuần trước

    If I want to make the team for Ash right now that would be: Pikachu Sceptile(switched for Rowlet because it is designed as a comedy character) Incineroar Komo-o Lycanroc Poipole This is my opinion

  • noivern network
    noivern network 1 tuần trước (đã chỉnh sửa)

    Im so mad they build up evve only to give it to lana omg man im so salty also huge fan of your vids dude also also i kinda want him to get a whimpod just to see mistys reaction to it